About Coaching

What is Life / Success Coaching?

As a coach, we create a place of purpose, safety and power to help you get clear, get focused and attain with confidence what you really want in your life in reasonable timeframes. I help my clients envision their future and then partner with them to make a realistic plan to get there.

The approach I use is simple and direct. My goal is to empower and motivate you to take action and create change. Coaching is not just about self help and personal development, and you will not be inundated with ‘feel good platitudes’ and me giving my opinion on things; rather it is about helping you achieving the goals you have thus been unable to achieve. We are not overly fussed on why this is as we are focused on the future, not the past.


“I never tell you what you ‘should’ do. YOU are in charge of YOU. My job is to facilitate change to help you get where you want to be. I will therefore help you to move through any perceived obstacle/s, or become ‘unstuck’ and get out of the cycle you are in, and assist you to take charge and make your goals a reality.”

Coaching is not about talk, it is about action

Coaching is 10% goal setting and 90% goal achieving

What coaching is good for

Pretty much anything! If you feel stuck on something or unsure about how to achieve your goal, coaching can help.

Below are some examples of where coaching can be beneficial:

  • Maintaining weight loss

  • Sports enhancement

  • Career changes / advancement

  • Relationships

  • Finances

  • Travel

  • Home ownership

  • + much more!

How it works

Sessions are conducted in person, over the phone or online. After an initial consult (of 45-60 minutes) whereby I will develop an understanding of where you are at and what your goals are, we create a plan together and get going!

No dilly dallying or persistent self-reflection, just useful action. You decide on the length of the coaching program and the length of each session (usually ranging from 30 – 60 minutes every 2 – 4 weeks).

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True coaching is about helping YOU achieve tangible and verifiable results.
Results that are meaningful to YOU!