Exercise & Sport

Exercise Motivation / Enhancement

Exercise and movement in any way, shape or form is good for the mind and body. Exercise is a great way to help us loose weight naturally, release tension and stress, and to also loosen up joints if you suffer from arthritis. Getting started with exercise or returning to exercise after an absence does not necessarily mean joining a gym if you don’t to! We will work together to find an activity that suits you, and one (or more for extra variety!) that is going to meet your needs and goals and get you moving in a way that is not only beneficial, but fun and enjoyable too!!

Regardless of your past efforts, you will be amazed and relieved at what we can accomplish together through a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching. You will learn how to put anxiety away and live and move freely again. I love taking people through this extraordinary program and witnessing the results.

Exercise Motivation and Enhancement

Sports Performance

Sports Performance - Runner
Sports Performance - Cycling

Amateur or professional, runner, cyclist, rower, tennis player – we all need a tune up from time to help us meet our goals.

All sorts of things can suppress our performance. Through hypnotherapy and very specific NLP techniques designed for sport, and if required on-going coaching, we can help you overcome your obstacles to get back on the track…or back in the seat…back on the water…or back on the court..!

We will work closely with you for a few sessions, across an entire season or through to competition if required to help you reach your optimal state and level of performance.

Sports Performance - Rower
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