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Following the easing of restrictions in relation to Covid-19, I am now running face to face sessions again in my clinic in Noosa, QLD. Face to face sessions are conducted in accordance with current government requirements.

However, I am continuing to see clients online for those who prefer to remain in the comfort of their own home. There are many advantages to having online sessions; please refer to our Online Consultations via Zoom section for more information.

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What should I expect?2020-06-09T15:13:31+10:00

During the sessions, I use a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP and/or coaching as required, to help you achieve your goals (refer to the About sections for more information on these modalities of treatment). I will explain more about these, particularly hypnotherapy and common myths and misconceptions, during the first session.

After the initial consult, each session is focused on the present and the future, and how we can improve your health and well-being. The sessions are not a ‘talk fest’ where you need to relive the details of past traumas, problems or events over and over, but rather the sessions are guided so that you can move forward in your life.

Depending on your presenting issue, we may also agree upon activities you will do outside of the treatment sessions between appointments to strengthen your learning and positive changes.

How many sessions will I need?2020-06-09T15:14:02+10:00

Everyone’s needs and goals are different; some people may need 3 sessions, others may need 6 or more, particularly if we are addressing more than one issue. Basically, there are no hard and fast rules. On average, people will require between 3-6 sessions. However, after our initial consultation, I will be able to give you a guide as to how many sessions, and therefore which program package, you are likely to require. You can come at a casual rate, and pay as you go, however programs tend to be more effective and cost efficient for people.

I also offer a coaching service whereby after our initial work with hypnotherapy and NLP is complete, we can work together on an on-going basis for as long as you like, to provide you with continued support if you feel that is needed.

How frequently should the sessions be held?2020-06-01T10:37:54+10:00

This is up to you, however weekly or fortnightly sessions for hypnotherapy are recommended to achieve the best outcome in a timely manner, and fortnightly or monthly for on-going coaching and support.

Will it work?2020-06-09T15:15:29+10:00

Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching are designed to facilitate change for an individual in accordance with their goals. These are wonderful tools, but it is important to remember the keyword is facilitate – effort, contribution, focus and commitment are required by the client. For example, your backache might feel better after a massage from the physiotherapist, however if you don’t do the strengthening exercises they suggest between the sessions, your healing will not be as effective. The same applies for hypnotherapy.

Success rates for hypnotherapy are high however there is no guarantee. No other medical professional gives you a guarantee after all! To provide a guarantee goes against ethical and professional codes of conduct. However, because at Harmony through Hypnotherapy we tailor programs to best suit each individual’s needs, we are optimising the chances of success.

Will hypnotherapy make me do silly things like I see on TV?2020-06-01T10:38:54+10:00

Not at all. What are you referring to is stage hypnosis, which is entirely different. That is a show – clinical hypnotherapy is a therapeutic treatment modality where you remain in control the whole time.

Will hypnotherapy make me fall asleep?2020-06-01T10:39:15+10:00

Generally no, however it is possible with deep relaxation. One of the advantages of working online is the session can be recorded so if you did fall asleep for awhile, you can replay the session.

Can I come back to see you in the future once treatment is complete?2020-06-09T15:16:09+10:00

Absolutely! Just like our cars need a regular service, people too sometimes need a ‘tune up’! I retain client records so if ever you want to pop back for a ‘tune up’ session or to address other issues that arise during the course of life, my door is always open.

After they have completed a program package, repeat clients also receive a discount on future bookings for individual sessions and program packages.

Why is Hypnotherapy and Coaching expensive?2020-06-11T18:09:35+10:00

The price you pay for each individual session, and the program packages, includes behind the scenes preparation to ensure your program is tailor made to your specific needs and goals, the actual sessions themselves, and when required, email, text and phone support in between appointments. Furthermore, with hypnotherapy and coaching you are investing in yourself, your health and your happiness!

Can you give me medical advice?2020-06-01T10:40:26+10:00

No, I do not offer advice about diagnosis, treatment or medications for medical conditions.

Do I need permission from my GP, another medical professional or psychologist to have hypnotherapy?2020-06-01T10:40:45+10:00

Depending on why you are seeking hypnotherapy, we may need permission from your GP, other treating medical professional or psychologist to undergo treatment together. If applicable, we will cover this during the initial consultation so do not worry.

Who do you NOT work with?2020-06-09T15:18:59+10:00

I do not work with anyone who has suicidal tendencies or a diagnosed psychiatric condition (this includes conditions under investigation pending diagnosis) or anyone under the care of a psychiatrist. I also do not work with anyone on anti-psychotic medication.

I do work with people under the care of a psychologist and those taking anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications for anxiety and depression, however this must be declared prior to treatment commencing. In certain circumstances, we may need to obtain permission from your psychologist to work together.

I do not work with anyone under the age of 18 years.

Does private health insurance cover hypnotherapy?2020-06-09T15:19:42+10:00

This depends on your level of cover and your chosen health fund provider. Be sure to check prior to commencing with Harmony through Hypnotherapy to ensure you receive any benefits you are entitled to. You will receive an invoice to provide to your health fund provider if applicable.

Who is your governing body?2020-06-09T15:20:25+10:00

I am a Professional Member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association. This means I have certain skills to uphold, must engage in continual learning, and adhere to strict ethical guidelines and a code of practice. I also participate regularly in 1:1 and group supervision with other professionals.

If you wish to make a complaint about Harmony through Hypnotherapy that you feel cannot be, or has not been, resolved by contacting me directly, you are welcome to contact the Australian Hypnotherapy Association or the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia.

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