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Our health is our currency. Whilst we are not medical professionals and cannot diagnose, treat or cure medical conditions per se, we can teach you ways to cope with the changes to your life brought about by a chronic health issue. We can also provide you with tried and tested techniques that you can use in your day to day life to manage, reduce and in some instances eliminate the pain you are experiencing, enabling you the freedom to do things in life you love.

Depending on your circumstances, we may liaise with your treating medical practitioner whilst engaging in hypnotherapy. On-going support is also offered to those clients who feel they would benefit from regular check in’s and support once the initial hypnotherapy and NLP treatment has concluded.

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What our clients are saying

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I had two hypnosis sessions with Bianca prior to having surgery. I had been informed by the surgeon that if I was in pain that required strong medication, I would not be able to leave hospital the same day. Also, I did not want to experience pain post-surgery as I run a business and lead a busy, active life.

After the two sessions, I went into hospital expecting to be released the same day and to experience post-operative discomfort only, no pain. And that is exactly what happened! I was delighted that the discomfort was so minor, I didn’t require any pain relief following surgery.

Hypnotherapy reinforced my belief that the mind can achieve anything; I was exceptionally pleased with the outcome. Bianca took the time to listen to why I wanted hypnosis, and tailored the sessions to suit me. With Bianca’s guidance, I achieved a very positive outcome.

Amanda, Gold Coast

Bianca is professional in her evaluation, and carefully considers which treatments will best address the problems you are experiencing.  She listens patiently and respectfully, adjusting the pace according to what will work best for you.

Bianca also conducts well-timed follow-ups to see how you are progressing.  The techniques that Bianca taught me to use to manage my chronic pain will be very valuable to me in the future.  I strongly recommend the services of Harmony through Hypnotherapy to others.

Charles, Geelong


Is your first thought hot flushes? Mood swings? These are typically associated with peri-menopause and menopause in many women. Whilst these conditions and others are often associated with menopause, they do not need to be a given! They do not need to govern your life, control what you do, or leave you anxious, miserable and fed up.

Menopause is a natural process. Entering a hypnotic state is also a natural process.

Putting the two together and engaging in hypnotherapy can therefore aid in giving you relief, putting you back in the control seat and giving you the freedom to continue to live your life comfortably and happily.

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Motion Sickness

Motion sickness – be it headaches, nausea or vomiting – is unfortunately experienced by many people in cars, buses, boats, planes, show rides – on anything that moves!

This needn’t be the case – the mind’s interpretation of the experience can be allowed to change through hypnotherapy to create a positive association and therefore freedom.

Freedom to go on a long drive with your family, freedom have a day out on the water, or freedom to go on a fun filled holiday without the crippling fear of anxiety that you will become unwell.

What our clients are saying

My hypnotherapy sessions with Bianca have opened up so many possibilities in my life! Her sessions mean I no longer experience motion sickness.

I can now do everything I used to avoid due to fear of becoming unwell. So far I have enjoyed road trips, lunch cruises, and I am loving taking my son out onto the water in boats.

Bec, Noosaville
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Hypnosis is a very safe, natural human state that can
remarkably benefit an individual’s overall health and well-being.