Sunshine Coast Hypnotherapy - Learning Self Care through Hypnosis

Self care. We all know what self care is. It’s when we take time out for ourselves. It’s when we recharge the batteries. Become refocused. Energised. Refreshed.

In today’s society, people are generally very good at taking care of others – our spouse, children, ailing parents, friends, pets, co-workers. Even the local pizza delivery guy.

But what about us? Who takes care of us?

So, we know what self care is but how often do we actually do it? Most of us are guilty of thinking ‘I’ll start next week’ or ‘once this project at work is finished…’. Why not NOW?

We are not gauranteed a ‘forever’. Without sounding too brutal, you aren’t going to be lying on your death bed thinking “Gosh, I should have worked myself to the bone working 100 hours per week …” now are you? No.

Unless we live a fulfilling life, we will have regrets about not spending more time with family and friends, not pursuing our dreams and not living up to our potential.

We need be in a good space to acheive these things.

Happiness can start TODAY only if you let it. Happiness does not happen at a ‘magical time’. There is no such thing. Life stressors will always exist. The key is knowing how to be happy DESPITE these life stressors.

Self care is a key ingredient to happiness and can be easy and need not cost any or much money.

If you are taking good care of yourself, you will be more effective to those you love, more effective at work and with your sports and hobbies, and more likely to handle stress when life throws you a lemon.

Below are some suggestions for easy methods of self care that can be done daily:

  • Walking the pooch
  • Reading a book or magazine
  • Listening to music whilst cooking dinner
  • Having lunch in a park, not at your desk
  • Smelling the garden or fresh rain
  • Watching a TV program
  • Attending yoga, pilates or body balance classes
  • Exercising
  • Doing arts and crafts
  • Gardening
  • Talking on the phone with a friend
  • Spending quality time with your spouse / family / pet

Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking the only form of self care is a holiday. Holidays are certainly great, but for most of us, they don’t happen every day!! So we need to find ways to relax and unwind, and nuture ourselves, during our ordinary day to day lives.

Sunshine Coast Hypnotherapy - Learning Self Care through Hypnosis


Hypnotherapy can help you recognise your stress points and limits, and help you work out which methods of self care are going to be suitable and effective for you.

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