Fears / Phobias

Fears and phobias can hold us back from doing the things we enjoy, or from simply living our day to day lives comfortably. A combination of hypnotherapy and NLP techniques can help individuals overcome even the strongest, and long standing fears and phobias, freeing them to move forward without limitation.

No longer does a fear or phobia have to be something you ‘just put up with’. You can take back control and do things you enjoy!

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What our clients are saying

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I looked into hypnotherapy as a last resort to address my fear of flying. I had literally tried everything, including medication, but nothing had worked.

Finding Bianca and realising that I could complete the sessions online in the comfort of my own home was so convenient, especially because I could schedule them around work and my family.

I did not have any expectations regarding how successful the sessions would be, but thought I had nothing to lose.

I found the sessions to be extremely relaxing, Bianca really does have the best voice for the job.  While I could consciously remember parts of the session, I truly was stunned at what the subconscious must soak up.

I went on a trip with my family to Vancouver from Melbourne, and then onto the US to Disneyland. The flight from Australia to Canada was a 15 hour flight and it was AMAZING!!  I felt none of the usual anxiety, I was relaxed, could interact with my children and found the whole experience life changing.

I can never put into words how positive my experience with Bianca was, she has literally opened up a whole new world to me (we are already planning our next overseas trip!).

I cannot speak highly enough of Bianca and the amazing work she does, she is professional, calming and genuinely wants to help.

Caroline, Melbourne

Working Online / Working From Home

We find ourselves in a new era of technology as well in changing times due to the Covid-19 virus. Some people are now required or able to work from home for the first time and/or work online.

This can result in many physical and logistical changes, as well as anxiety and fear caused by the unknown. Stress can take up too much of our energy and focus, detracting from what we need to, and want to do, with our work and our lives.

Engaging in hypnotherapy and/or coaching to ensure you still meet your obligations and targets, and enjoy the new environment, routine and structure, is an investment in yourself, your business and career, and your future.

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What our clients are saying

Therapy Services - Working Online - Woman and Laptop

I am very grateful to have met Bianca at a recent Hypnotherapy Conference we both attended. The challenge that was holding me back was transitioning from working with my clients face to face to online and dealing with the latest technology that goes along with this. Bianca had experience in this area and offered to help me.  

After working with Bianca online for several sessions I received the support with technology I needed, and the confidence to work in this area of change. I am grateful for all of the time Bianca put into preparing our sessions, and her focus on making sure I was comfortable with this change.  She made the transition for me to work online with confidence very easy. Thank you Bianca. 

Sheila, Ungarie, NSW
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