Sunshine Coast Hypnotherapy - Overcoming Phobias through Hypnotherapy


 Overcoming phobias through hypnotherapy can be done!

Most of us have either experienced a phobia ourselves at some point in our lives, or we know someone who has.

A phobia is a persistent and intense fear of something that is disproportionate to the situation or context. It is also known as an irrational fear. However you phrase it, it is extreme.

Because it is extreme, it can be debilitating and impede our quality of life.

Phobias often stem from a childhood incident and without treatment, can be carried into our adult lives.

Whilst phobias may stem from a direct negative experience (such as after being bitten by a bee, a child develops a phobia of insects), they can also develop as a result of witnessing a negative reaction in another person to, in this case, an insect. In the latter example, it becomes a learned behaviour.

Some well known phobias include:

  • Fear of spiders, snakes or dogs
  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of enclosed spaces
  • Fear of the dark
  • Fear of needles / injections / dental procedures
  • Fear of flying (and not just because of Covid!)

There are a range of other phobias which are less well known and include:

  • Fear of blushing
  • Fear of birds
  • Fear of crossing bridges
  • Fear of mirrors
  • Fear of thunder and lightning
  • Fear of forests

Phobias are often assigned long winded clinical names that no one can remember or pronounce, like thalassophobia (fear of the sea) and geumophobia (fear of unfamiliar tastes) – the name is not important however. What is important is the impact on the individual’s life.

Such impacts can include:

  • Active avoidance at all costs of possible situations, activities, people, places, items or creatures that may arise / be present
    • For instance, walking up 20 flights of stairs to avoid the elevator
    • For instance, avoiding going into the garden at all just in case there might be a spider there
  • Experiencing anxeity and panic attacks
  • Bcoming depressed and isolated

The life of a phobia continues for as long as we allow it. Typically this occurs at a subconsious level, by assigning weight to the phobia. What is meant by this is we tend to overestimate the likelihood of coming across the object / situation etc AND we overemphasise the harm this will cause. These thoughts and feelings fuel the phobia.


Overcoming phobias through hypnotherapy IS possible!

In hypnotherapy, we do NOT engage in exposure therapy. That is, if you are scared of spiders, you will not be shown pictures of spiders or made to hold a spider.

Instead, we work with the subconscious mind to correct the irrational fear the person has about the object/situation, whilst still maintaining a sense of what is reasonable. For instance, a degree of caution is warranted when approaching a dog you do not know to give it a pat. However, to be so petrified of a dog happily playing on the beach, paying you no attention that you turn around and run the other way, is debilitating to one’s life.

Sunshine Coast Hypnotherapy - Overcoming Phobias through Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help you eradicate your phobia and restore your quality of life.

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