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Weight Loss / Healthy Eating

Weight loss – it doesn’t need to be daunting, overwhelming or something to be feared. Whether you have 5kg or 50kg to lose, or want to improve your relationship with food so it no longer controls you, we put together specifically tailored programs to address your specific needs and goals, creating lasting, healthy lifestyle habits. There is no radical dieting required; we focus on real world, positive relationships with food. Delicious foods will still be on your menu!

We also spend time using hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to address the underlying triggers behind your food related issues. We do this as a way of increasing your long term success so that you have your ideal self-confidence around body image, and the all important trio – harmony between your physical, emotional and mental health.

I love to assist people to achieve satisfaction and renewed health and wellbeing. I typically work with clients intensely at the beginning and then move to a coaching model to provide on-going support and guidance once the client is confident they have addressed their key issue/s.

Food - Weight Loss and Health Eating

What our clients are saying

Food - Food Cravings and Addiction

Following my success with my fear of flying, I didn’t hesitate to contact Harmony through Hypnotherapy to deal with my weight issue.  Firstly, and I think most importantly, Bianca showed no judgement at all; I was ashamed and embarrassed about where my weight had got to. However, I felt nothing but support and warmth from her to achieve my weight loss goal.

I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions, and following the first session, immediately made changes to my lifestyle.  If you are wanting to lose 20kgs in a month, this is not the right path for you.  I had done every diet you can imagine; however, I wanted this time to be consistent and a change forever.

I think the most notable change is in my behaviour.  I have rejected all the usual temptations (chocolate, soft drink, fast food) and find I don’t even want them anymore. I have also enthusiastically included regular exercise as part of my life, when previously it would be just a short lived fad.  Bianca’s support, encouragement and guidance has allowed me to discover the old me again, I’m loving the energy I now have and fitting back into my smaller wardrobe is so satisfying!  If you have tried every diet in the book, please contact Harmony through Hypnotherapy, you will not regret it.

Caroline, Melbourne

‘Life changing’ is how I would describe working with Bianca in having hypnotherapy for weight loss.

Having battled excess weight for many years, I was becoming increasingly frustrated and depressed due to my lack of success. I would lose a few kilos only to put them back on again very quickly. My old habits didn’t change.

Working with Bianca has been incredible! It’s as though my mind has finally got the message! I have a resolve I didn’t know I had, my ability to make healthy food choices seems now to be happening naturally, and I’m getting as much exercise as I can.

Bianca is a pleasure to work with. The sessions are relaxing, informative and invigorating.  Bianca is highly competent while at the same time being understanding, non-judgmental and fun.

I am enjoying the success of my weight loss journey and am confident that this is a permanent change. I absolutely recommend working with Bianca in hypnotherapy for weight loss. It works!

Heather, Melbourne

Food Cravings / Addictions

Unwanted habits and addictions – such as craving chocolate or take away foods, or drinking too much coffee or soft drink for example – can be overcome through Hypnotherapy. It is important to know this and to realise that these habits and addictions started somewhere and at a particular time for a reason. We can work together to uncover that reason and break the cycle.

It may be that you simply want to reduce your consumption of a specific food or drink, or you may want or need to eliminate it completely. Either can be achieved and newer, healthier habits formed, relieving you of the anxiety, frustration and guilt often associated with food cravings and addictions. Food is supposed to be enjoyed, not make you feel terrible!!

What our clients are saying

I can heartily recommend Bianca’s hypnotherapy. She’s a thorough professional in her field. I had a chocoholic problem, seeing a box of chocolates demolished as a job ‘well done’.

During her session – it only took one!! – I learnt why I reacted to chocolate in this manner. With Bianca’s help, I can still enjoy eating chocolate, but now I am in control of my addiction for the first time in my life. It is incredibly liberating!!

Collette, Noosa
Food - Food Cravings and Addictions
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